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Why Me? Here's What My Clients Say.

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Below are a selection of testimonials from past clients, shared with their permission. They express the impact of coaching far better than I can, and I want to acknowledge each and every one of them. They got these great results by showing up fully, vulnerably and authentically to our coaching sessions.

It has been an enriching & fun experience working with Jon. I would like to thank him immensely for his dedication and sincerity. Thanks to his collaborative style – I got a lot out of coaching over the 12 months we worked together. There were times where I was keen for him to ‘give me the solution’ – I was impressed with how Jon navigated the conversations and got me thinking, to land at the ‘aha’ moments.

The examples, tools that Jon used were very effective, and the book recommendations have been great in shifting my perspective and view of life. I appreciated that the coaching structure & outcomes were well defined, and the conversations resulted in highly practical actions albeit mostly on myself 😊

For anyone looking to work on themselves & grow in a structured manner and get results I would highly recommend Jon.

- R Gupta, Jan 2022

From a client shortly after we had finished working together:

Hi Jon, I thought I'd let you know about something that happened yesterday. I got offered a job at a local property firm, which of course was lovely, but they offered me £18k less than what I'm earning atm.

When I was talking to the recruiter I said, I know what I'm worth and I'm worth every penny of what I get paid if they want me they need to either pay what I'm asking and if they can't afford that, they can pay me what they're offering and I will work part time so that it's pro rata of what I'm asking.

I've not heard back, but I honestly don't mind either way what they say, I'm just proud of myself for standing my ground. I'm pretty sure that's not something I would ever have done before working with you, so thank you!

- Anonymous, May 2021

Jon Wilson is truly fantastic. He delivers, gently, pearls of wisdom that can truly shape your interior and therefore the way you respond to challenges. Potentially life changing targeted help and advice.

- Actor, Jan 2021

Jon Wilson, is extremely attentive and thorough. He’s a great listener, presents firm challenges, and encourages you to discover the answers you are searching for. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our sessions so far.

- Actor, Jan 2021

Jon is a brilliant coach. He was so lovely to speak with. Jon really is a fantastic listener. He has a brilliant ability to intuitively pick up on the subliminal aspects of conversations. He then gently guides you to face these aspects through questions which lead to new realisations about the self. Our conversations were completely fluid which I loved. Although our sessions were over Zoom, Jon encouraged meetings outdoors in the park which was really refreshing and enjoyable. Sitting by the lake in my local park and reflecting on the previous month with Jon was very therapeutic and I would always have a feeling of deep gratitude after our sessions. Jon has really helped me to hone in on the goals I want to achieve and helped me work towards them authentically, with purpose. I would definitely recommend Jon to my friends and family! Thanks Jon!

- Saaj R., Oct 2020

I found my coaching sessions with Jon to be super helpful. I was slightly apprehensive at first, as I wasn't familiar with the term 'life coach', and didn't really know what to expect – but Jon made me feel at ease right from our first session due to his calm and supportive nature, and I felt completely comfortable chatting to him. He asks open ended questions that allow you to explore what you want to focus on, and come up with your own solutions and framework for moving forward. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jon, and hope others will find his coaching sessions as valuable as I have.

- Callum Lloyd, Aug 2020

When I started with Jon, instantaneously his presence, ability to listen and coaching helped me immeasurably. I realised the potential in me and how the answers to overcome some of my biggest obstacles and problems that I have lie within myself. One of his biggest gifts was the necessary takeaways and homework to work on for our next session and thus his influence transcended throughout my time not only with him but when I was away from him too.

- Freddie H., July 2020

When I went to Jon one of the reasons was, because I felt under pressure - from myself, and he took off that pressure, by listening and asking questions; this allowed a space to form, a playful space in which to experiment and explore.

He asked questions that helped me look at what my real values were, and the answers that came up were surprising, and also cheering. He is a very good listener, and picks up on all those nuances, I felt we covered a lot of ground in quite a short time and he helped me begin to clear a very overgrown path so that I could start getting into the (metaphorical) garden.

- Ellen M., July 2020

Getting coached by Jon was a special & fruitful experience. It had a big impact on my personal development by giving me tools to learn about myself, move projects to the next level and unfold my capabilities. Every one of our monthly sessions I gained some good take aways for myself and I could feel the development both in my actions & in the way of thinking. Coaching with Jon addresses the whole personality, both professionally and personally. He is starting where you are and finding the right tipping points to get the best out of yourself in whatever way you want. His empathy & empowering professional way of coaching was very helpful.

- Kai P, July 2020

I started working with Jon about a month into the lockdown, as I was struggling to reconnect with my sense of purpose. Our sessions have been highly impactful, enabling me to see elements of my life with a lot more clarity.

Jon is intuitive, incredibly supportive, approachable and empathetic. He created a safe space for me to share my fears and inner conflicts. Jon calmly guided me and made it possible for me to express the unwanted patterns holding me back. My journey was paved with invaluable insights and I feel I have grown and learnt so much about myself within just a few sessions.

- Adeline A., June 2020

Through thoughtful questioning, Jon was able to tease out important values which I had let get buried over the years. We developed a plan which helps honor those values and creates a space to live a more fulfilling life.

- SB, March 2020

Jon is an extraordinary coach and listener. He is able to balance between giving you the space to speak but to also intrude when you are letting yourself off the hook too easily. Jon made me realise several times that I was avoiding the real challenge or trying to find excuses for not being able to face my fears.

He is excellent at creating a safe place and building trust, and even more importantly, he dares to challenge you, to ask the difficult questions and to encourage you to move forward regardless of your fear. Jon’s way of being and his style as a coach helped me to open up much more than I could have expected. Before each session I had a topic in mind but with Jon’s help I noticed digging way deeper and finding the core of the challenges. I felt comfortable being coached by Jon and at the same time he was every time able to push me out of my comfort zone. My confidence as a professional and as a human being grow a lot, and I learned several valuable things about myself, my internal saboteurs and my strengths, and I thank Jon’s support for that!

I can warmly recommend Jon as a coach for anyone who wants to feel supported to take the extra mile.

- Maria Kankaanpää, Dec 2019

This was my first experience with coaching and it was really revelatory for me. It was extremely valuable to have a more forward-looking and practical approach as opposed to a solely inward-looking and reflective one. From it I learned to recognise some of the inner critical voices holding me back and find a more positive and empowering one to move forward with. I can’t recommend Jon highly enough as a coach to guide you through the process, to challenge your ideas about yourself and what you can achieve, and to get you putting it into action.

- Lucy H., Aug 2019

Jon Wilson is such a brilliant coach. For the last 6 months, he has supported me with my new (and still fledgling) business endeavour. When we began, I was just about to self-publish my first children’s book. Since then, I have produced two more, put together my first ever website, written to publishers (and received positive feedback), trailed around the shops in Cambridge to introduce the books to them, telephoned and emailed every school in the area (visiting some already to read the books and run workshops), sold books in countless fairs and to people around the world and I’ve even been on the radio to promote the books. His positive influence has helped me to believe in myself, my mission, my purpose in life and to achieve more than I knew I could. I understand that ups and downs will happen but now I have all the tools to help me through them and to reach (and surpass) my goals. See, I told you he was a brilliant coach.

- Keith Hatton, June 2019

I greatly appreciated the sessions I had with Jon over the past 6 months. By suggesting tailored approaches, he accompanied me questioning my normal vision of things and eventually led me to discover new aspirations and sources of energy. While I had no specific goals at the beginning of the sessions, coaching helped me formulate key personal objectives and identify the necessary but untapped resources I have to reach them. In addition, coaching sessions with Jon are a rare opportunity to have completely free conversations focusing on key personal questions that may otherwise not be given any time. I’ve very grateful for his time and skills and highly recommend his as a coach!

- Bastien Bandi, May 2019

Not only did I immediately feel that I was speaking to a trustworthy person with whom I could safely share my feelings and aspects of my life with, but in a short space of time Jon facilitated the bringing about of really useful reflections to support my progress, and identified a progressive step to take next. I would unreservedly recommend him.

- Anna McCarthy, June 2018

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