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Why Me for Mental Fitness?

Below are a selection of testimonials from clients who have taken my Mental Fitness programme based on the Positive Intelligence (PQ) model (

Having previously benefitted from Jon’s life coaching sessions and having used the Positive Intelligence questionnaire to find out what my saboteurs would be I was very interested in taking part in this course.

Having practiced and read about meditation and its effects on the brain for a number of years I find the theory behind the process to be very compelling, but there is no doubt that this practice in particular has made a big difference to me.

Key to the the PQ practice are the daily exercises and focuses and the app works as a record and prompt for these, so it makes it straightforward for you to do the tasks throughout the day. I found these tasks to be very straightforward and manageable and it is really up to you to when and how long you do them.

Keeping in touch with Jon and my fellow pod-mates also gave me a chance to develop my own way of talking about this practice, which helps reinforce it, and to explore what was a challenge and what was working, and also to cheer each other on.

I now have new go-to’s when anxiety hits, there is a choice now and developing a kinder more holistic view about myself feels like I have really grown. I would definitely recommend if you feel like you can be your own worst enemy and that you are coming up against the same problems in your life again and again. - Ellen M, Mental Fitness Programme Graduate

When Jon asked me if I would be interested in taking part in the Positive Intelligence six week programme, I was initially sceptical - it’s not something I would usually consider and (as I would discover) I have a strong “Avoider Saboteur” who makes me reluctant to move out of my comfort zone and try new things. However, I am glad that I took part. I have found it a very interesting and valuable process to work on quietening the critical voice of my “Judge”, identifying my “Saboteurs” and strengthening my “Sage” powers. I have enjoyed getting to know the other members of my ‘Pod’ group and feel like we have been on a journey together through the programme. Jon is very knowledgeable about the PQ process & the programme, having been through it himself, and has strongly supported us during our weekly Pod calls and by his encouraging messages and emails during the week.

From a Sage perspective, the past six weeks have certainly been “a gift and opportunity” to begin the process of improving and strengthening my mental fitness and learning to respond to life’s challenges with a positive mindset. - CM, Mental Fitness Programme Graduate

I have found Jon to be a supportive and insightful coach and a positive, inquisitive soul to be around. His passion for what he does shines through. - Mental Fitness Programme Graduate

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