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Good Morning, How Do You Be?

I was talking to a client recently and what was apparent, beyond what he was doing in his life, was his way of being.

He is completely “in flow”. He oozes compassion and love for his fellow human beings. He rests comfortably in the present moment, not overly concerned with achieving specific goals. Paradoxically, and unsurprisingly, he is very driven to have a significant positive impact in the world. He wants the good things in life but is not consumed by getting them. He has earned good money in the past, and knows he can again, and he doesn’t confuse money with self-worth. His identity is not tied into his goals or what he owns.

His mission in life is to bring people together from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, income, age, sexuality and more - to have people feel and experience how we have far more in common with each other than what divides us.

He is finding ways to do that through his work as a writer, actor and director.

He is very much in the mode of being, and gets into doing as an expression of who he is.

Is this a good thing? Well, put it this way, the great thing about being in the being, if you will, is it is a very fulfilling place to come from. When we know who we are and what we value, and we are tuned into our purpose, we can be that every day. All the things we do can flow from that. If some of those things work out as we hoped, great! If some don’t, no problem, we can learn and move on.

Is there anything special about him? Not particularly. Like all of us he has strengths and weaknesses, hopes, dreams and fears.

It didn’t used to be this way. He used to chase the money and the thrills, and his life was unfulfilling.

Then he made a commitment to be different.


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This article is part of 100 Days of Creation, my challenge to myself to write 100 articles in 140 days, each taking no longer than 30 minutes to write and publish.

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