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100 Days of Creation (and not in the biblical sense)

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

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I've set myself a challenge: To write 100 articles related to coaching, leadership and personal development in 140 days with each article taking no longer than 30 minutes to write and post.


  • To create a "body of work" so I am known in the world as a coach

  • To push outside my comfort zone

  • To inspire others to get their own creations out there

We all have an inner critic (unless you are a sociopath, and you're probably not). In fact we have a whole committee of them! Characters such as the Judge, the Perfectionist and the Hyper-Achiever. When I think about writing 100 articles my various inner critics have a field day. Here are some of the things they say:

  • You'll give up

  • They'll be generic and boring

  • No one will read them

  • People will judge you

  • You will spend far too long on them

  • They have to be "perfect"

  • I have to have a coherent narrative across all the articles

The "inner critic" is a theme I suspect I will return to many times :)

Here's what I get from my inner wisdom:

  • Courage comes before confidence - just start

  • What an amazing learning opportunity

  • You'll get better as you go

  • There will be value in everything you write to someone

  • What a fantastic new skill to develop

  • People judge you whether you do something or you don't do something, so why not do the thing you really want to

  • The right people will be drawn to what you write

  • The narrative will emerge

  • There is a bigger picture

What do you want to create and how is your inner critic holding you back?

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