Scientists, Leaders

Is This You?

You are a smart and ambitious engineer or scientist and you have big dreams for a sustainable future. You are working on sustainable technology in energy or food production, water management, manufacturing, materials or transport and you are stepping into leadership to bring this technology to life.


You love the science, you love developing new technologies and you’re great at solving the technical challenges that come up.


You know you are working on something that will change the world - not necessarily for you, but for your children, the next generation, and the ones after that.


You also know that the strengths that got you this far will hold you back from having the impact you would truly love to have. You know that for this dream to become reality, you need to a new approach.


I work with people like you to:


  • craft a compelling vision you are pulled towards

  • inspire others and build your leadership skills

  • be more courageous and embrace “failure” as the path to success

  • build a team around you where you can do what you do best


Not only will you feel more excited and confident in your work, you will experience changes in your mindset - your way of seeing yourself and the world - that expand out to bring benefits in all aspects of your life. You will feel more fulfilled every day as you deliver on the promise of the technology and create the impact you long to have.

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