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By external measures you are successful but something's not quite right. Perhaps you are caught up in the fast pace of working in the technology sector and "busywork". Perhaps you're navigating complex challenges and there's a nagging feeling that you're not quite doing well enough. Perhaps you're stuck in tactics, not strategy. Perhaps you've recently changed roles, or there is a new opportunity on the horizon, and you're finding it hard to step fully into it and be the brilliant and happy leader you know you can be.

All the while, you're not really working towards what you *really* want and you're wondering if achieving your goals with peace of mind and reduced stress is even possible.

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From a recent workshop participant: "This is an excellent course! It teaches a set of powerful and directly applicable technique for improving your mental fitness in a work environment, which can be no easy thing. I would whole-heartedly recommend this course."

Mental fitness is your ability to respond to life's challenges with positive rather than negative mindset and emotions. There are three mental muscles you can build, and the more you do, the more your performance, relationships and peace of mind improve.

I am trained by Positive Intelligence to bring their neuroscience-based work to individuals and teams, through assessments, workshops and the signature 6-week app-driven programme to build your mental muscles.

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