A Sustainable Mindset

I’m writing a book about the mindsets of leaders in sustainability technology, and I need your help!


Let me start with what’s behind what I’m up to (my “WHY”)… I have a drive to have a net positive impact on the world. I want my life to move the needle towards a more sustainable, peaceful, happy world. I believe deeply that we are all intimately interconnected - with each other, the plants, the animals and the environment. As a society we seem to have forgotten that and I believe that if we can get it back, really get the truth of it in our bones, we can’t help but show up in a way that creates a more sustainable future because we will know it’s what we all need for the happiness, fulfillment, health and well-being of ourselves and those we care about most.


I now support people, primarily through coaching, to create their own net positive impact.


For the book, I’m undertaking a research project into the mindsets of tech leaders in sustainability. I’m looking for people to interview about what it takes to step from being a technologist to being a leader who can bring the promise of the science/technology to life.


I’m particularly interested to talk to people who:


  • have a passion for protecting and enhancing our environment

  • have a technical background in engineering or science, or have a keen in interest in technology

  • are developing technology to solve sustainability challenges, e.g. in energy production and distribution, transport, construction, packaging, material science, air/land/ocean health and water supply.

  • are in, or ready to step into, a leadership role and want to maximise their impact

For example:

  • a tech entrepreneur building a sustainability technology company (e.g. as CEO)

  • a researcher, engineer or scientist joining such a company as the key technical person (e.g. as CTO)

  • the head of a research project into such technology, in a company, university, charity or other organisation

If this is you, please get in touch! I would love to talk to you - to find out what you are up to and ask a few questions about the challenges you see and the vision you have. I will draw out what’s most important and publish an article to spread the word about what you are up to. I will share back what I am learning to support you in your journey and send you a copy of the book once it is published.

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